React bindings for Keycloak javascript adapter

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React Keycloak
React Keycloak
React bindings for Keycloak

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React Keycloak requires:
  • React 16.0 or later
  • a version of keycloak-js matching the main version (e.g. "react-keycloak": "8.0.1" => "keycloak-js": "8.0.1-yymmdd")

yarn add react-keycloak

npm install --save react-keycloak

Getting Started

Setup KeycloakProvider

Wrap your App inside KeycloakProvider and pass a keycloak instance as prop
import Keycloak from 'keycloak-js';
import { KeycloakProvider } from 'react-keycloak';

// Setup Keycloak instance as needed
const keycloak = new Keycloak();

// Wrap everything inside KeycloakProvider
const App = () => {
  return <KeycloakProvider keycloak={keycloak}>...</KeycloakProvider>;

N.B. If your using other providers (such as react-redux) it is recommended to place them inside KeycloakProvider.
KeycloakProvider automatically invokes keycloak.init() method when needed and supports the following props:
  • initConfig, contains the object to be passed to keycloak.init() method, by default the following is used
  onLoad: 'check-sso',
  promiseType: 'native',
for more options see Keycloak docs.
  • LoadingComponent, a component to be displayed while keycloak is being initialized, if not provided child components will be rendered immediately. Defaults to null

  • isLoadingCheck, an optional loading check function to customize LoadingComponent display condition. Return true to display LoadingComponent, false to hide it.

Can be implemented as follow ```js
keycloak => !keycloak.authenticated;
  • onEvent, an handler function that receives events launched by keycloak, defaults to null.

It can be implemented as follow ```js
(event, error) => {
  console.log('onKeycloakEvent', event, error);
``` Published events are:
- `onReady`
- `onAuthSuccess`
- `onAuthError`
- `onAuthRefreshSuccess`
- `onAuthRefreshError`
- `onTokenExpired`
- `onAuthLogout`
  • onTokens, an handler function that receives keycloak tokens as an object every time they change, defaults to null.

Keycloak tokens are returned as follow ```json {
"idToken": string,
"refreshToken": string,
"token": string,
} ```

HOC Usage

When a component requires access to Keycloak, wrap it inside the withKeycloak HOC.
import { withKeycloak } from 'react-keycloak';

const LoginPage = ({ keycloak, keycloakInitialized }) => {
  // Here you can access all of keycloak methods and variables.
  // See
  return (
      <button type="button" onClick={() => keycloak.login()}>

export default withKeycloak(LoginPage);

Hook Usage (React >=16.8 required)

Alternately, when a component requires access to Keycloak, you can also use the useKeycloak Hook.
import { useKeycloak } from 'react-keycloak';

export default () => {
  // Using array destructuring
  const [keycloak, initialized] = useKeycloak();
  // or Object destructuring
  const { keycloak, initialized } = useKeycloak();

  // Here you can access all of keycloak methods and variables.
  // See

  return (
      <div>{`User is ${!keycloak.authenticated ? 'NOT ' : ''}authenticated`}</div>

      {!!keycloak.authenticated && (
        <button type="button" onClick={() => keycloak.logout()}>


See inside src/demo for a demo implementing this library main features.
To run the demo app:
  • Clone/Download this repo
  • Install dependencies (npm install or yarn)
  • Place a valid keycloak.json file inside public folder or setup Keycloak instance inside src/demo/App.js following Keycloak guide
  • Run the demo (npm start or yarn start)

Note: The demo app is not meant to be production-ready nor a starter-kit but just a way to show this module components and their usage.


Library bootstrapped using DimiMikadze/create-react-library and inspired by react-redux
Made with :sparkles: & :heart: by Mattia Panzeri and contributors
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