A React mixin for giving components loading behavior

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A component that is a loader is expected to meet the following contract:
- It accepts src, onLoad, and onError props - It calls onLoad when it successfully loads the src - It calls onError if it fails to load the src
This simple React mixin helps a component meet that contract.


var LoaderMixin = require('react-loadermixin');

// Create a component that mixes in the loader behaviors. The class can take
// advantage of a few useful features of the mixin: It can define
// `loaderDidLoad` and `loaderDidError` hooks, and it can use the provided
// `renderLoader()` method to call a loader function with the `src` prop and
// bind to the `onLoad` and `onError` events of the loader function.
var LoaderComponent = React.createClass({
  mixins: [LoaderMixin],
  loaderDidLoad: function() {
    // Do something on load.
  loaderDidError: function(error) {
    // Do something on error.
  render: function() {
    // For illustration, we use an img component as our loader function. It's a
    // good choice because it implements The expected interface for a loader
    // function in that it takes `src`, `onLoad`, and `onError` props.
    this.renderLoader(React.DOM.img, {className: 'image'});

// a parent component's `render()`.


These props are accepted by the component and used by the mixin throughout the load cycle.
  <td>The URL of an asset to be loaded.</td>
  <td>A handler for the loader function's <code>onLoad</code> event.</td>
  <td>A handler for the loader function's <code>onError</code> event.</td>

Component Specifications

These methods are provided to the component class by the mixin.
  <td>function <code>loader</code>, object <code>props</code></td>
  <td>A helper method that automates starting the load and binding to its
      events. Accepts a <code>loader</code> function and optional
      <code>props</code> as arguments. The <code>loader</code> function is
      expected to accept <code>src</code>, <code>onLoad</code>, and
      <code>onError</code> props, and to return a 'renderable' value (such
      as a component instance). The <code>renderLoader</code> method should
      be called in the component's <code>render()</code> method.</td>

Load cycle methods

These methods may optionally be defined on the component class. If they are defined, the mixed in behavior will utilize them at particular points throughout the load cycle.
  <td>Invoked when the loader function has successfully loaded the asset.
      This is invoked immediately before the <code>props.onLoad</code>
  <td>Invoked when the loader function has failed to load the asset.
      This is invoked immediately before the <code>props.onError</code>