Record audio from your microphone and display as a sound oscillation

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Record a user's voice and display as an oscillation (or frequency bars).
Plug-n-play component for React apps.
Audio is saved as WebM audio file format. Works via the HTML5 MediaRecorder API (currently only available in Chrome & Firefox).
PLEASE NOTE: The WebM audio format is not supported in Safari browsers (including Safari on iOS). You need to save an audio recording as an MP3 or WAV file in order to get full cross-browser and cross-device support.
You can do that with the premium enhancement of this component called React-Mic-Gold.
Companies that develop speech-recognition apps, voice-activated software, apps that require audio recording features, or language-learning products all use React-Mic-Gold.


npm install --save react-mic
yarn add react-mic


Check out the simple React-Mic demo.


  • Record audio from microphone
  • Display sound wave as voice is being recorded
  • Save audio as BLOB




  record={boolean}         // defaults -> false.  Set to true to begin recording
  pause={boolean}          // defaults -> false (available in React-Mic-Gold)
  visualSetting="sinewave" // defaults -> "sinewave".  Other option is "frequencyBars"
  className={string}       // provide css class name
  onStop={function}        // required - called when audio stops recording
  onData={function}        // optional - called when chunk of audio data is available
  onBlock={function}       // optional - called if user selected "block" when prompted to allow microphone access (available in React-Mic-Gold)
  strokeColor={string}     // sinewave or frequency bar color
  backgroundColor={string} // background color
  mimeType="audio/webm"     // defaults -> "audio/webm".  Set to "audio/wav" for WAV or "audio/mp3" for MP3 audio format (available in React-Mic-Gold)
  echoCancellation={boolean} // defaults -> false
  autoGainControl={boolean}  // defaults -> false
  noiseSuppression={boolean} // defaults -> false
  channelCount={number}     // defaults -> 2 (stereo).  Specify 1 for mono.
  bitRate={256000}          // defaults -> 128000 (128kbps).  React-Mic-Gold only.
  sampleRate={96000}        // defaults -> 44100 (44.1 kHz).  It accepts values only in range: 22050 to 96000 (available in React-Mic-Gold)
  timeSlice={3000}          // defaults -> 4000 milliseconds.  The interval at which captured audio is returned to onData callback (available in React-Mic-Gold).


import { ReactMic } from 'react-mic';

export class Example extends React.Component {
  constructor(props) {
    this.state = {
      record: false

  startRecording = () => {
    this.setState({ record: true });

  stopRecording = () => {
    this.setState({ record: false });

  onData(recordedBlob) {
    console.log('chunk of real-time data is: ', recordedBlob);

  onStop(recordedBlob) {
    console.log('recordedBlob is: ', recordedBlob);

  render() {
    return (
          backgroundColor="#FF4081" />
        <button onClick={this.startRecording} type="button">Start</button>
        <button onClick={this.stopRecording} type="button">Stop</button>
Voice Record Pro
Get your copy of React-Mic-Gold, the premium enhanced version of React-Mic here.
React-Mic-Gold lets you record audio as either MP3 or WAV files. The MP3 audio file format is super compressed which will result in small file sizes, and is widely supported across all devices. The WAV audio file format is uncompressed and is used when you need professional quality audio; however, the file size is significantly larger.


Check out the simple demo of React-Mic-Gold in action here.
Also, check out React-Mic-Gold integrated into an actual app here.


In React-Mic-Gold, encoding of recorded audio into MP3 format happens in the browser, via a combination of advanced Web technologies (Web Workers and Web Assembly).
You won't have to continuously stream audio data to your back-end server or API endpoint to convert captured audio into an MP3 file. Althought you can if you want to.
React-Mic-Gold also comes with an optional pause feature and additional premium enhancements.
If you need a version of this React component that only supports the WAV audio format on every device (iOS + Android), you can purchase React-Mic-Plus.
React-Mic-Plus also comes with an optional pause feature and additional premium enhancements.
PLEASE NOTE: Apple does not allow audio recording from the Chrome browser on Iphone/iOS. To record audio from a web application on an Iphone, a user must use the Safari browser. There is no way around this.
Get Support
Join the Slack channel if you have any questions or problems with React-Mic or React-Sound-Gold. I'm here to help you build amazing apps with audio recording capabilities.
Customers of React-Mic-Gold and associated products develop audio recording apps, voice-activated apps, speech recognition apps, language learning apps, and much more.