A group of overlapping circular avatars called face piles for your React Native app

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React Native Face Pile
A group of overlapping round avatars are called face piles. Try it on Snack(QR Code at the bottom)
npm version
Facepile Image


yarn add react-native-face-pile

// or

npm install --save react-native-face-pile


import FacePile from 'react-native-face-pile'

const FACES = [
    id: 0,
    imageUrl: '',
    id: 1,
    imageUrl: '',
    id: 2,
    imageUrl: '',
    id: 3,
    imageUrl: '',
    id: 4,
    imageUrl: '',

<FacePile numFaces={3} faces={FACES} />
  • Pass in your array of faces, then the number you want to render.
  • Any faces exceeding numFaces, or faces without images, will show up under the overflow (a circle with, for example, +3 after the faces)
  • If you want to hide the overflow, pass in hideOverflow (boolean)
  • If you don't want FacePile to figure out what to render, you can pass in your own render method:
render=({ numFaces, faces }) => { do whatever you want here }

Prop types

render: PropTypes.func, // optional render method, otherwise we take control
numFaces: PropTypes.number, // number of faces you want to render. The rest is subtracted
hideOverflow: PropTypes.bool, // whether or not to show the +2 extra faces
overlap: PropTypes.number, // optional amount of overlap of faces (between 0 and 1), defaults to 0.5
faces: PropTypes.shape({
  id: PropTypes.string,
  imageUrl: PropTypes.string
circleSize: PropTypes.number, // 20, 40, 60, etc.
containerStyle: PropTypes.instanceOf(StyleSheet), // overall container style
circleStyle: PropTypes.instanceOf(StyleSheet), // override default circle styles
imageStyle: PropTypes.instanceOf(StyleSheet), // override default image styles
overflowStyle: PropTypes.instanceOf(StyleSheet), // override default overflow circle styles
overflowLabelStyle: PropTypes.instanceOf(StyleSheet) // override default overflow label (+8) styles


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