Returns the pixel color from a graphic at a given corrdinate.

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React Native Pixel Color
Returns the pixel color from a graphic at a given coordinate.


Install the package:
React-Native 0.29.2+
npm install --save react-native-pixel-color
react-native link react-native-pixel-color

React-Native < 0.29.2
npm install rnpm -g
rnpm install react-native-pixel-color


Note: on latest versions of React Native, you may have an error during the Gradle build on Android ( Multiple dex files define Landroid/support/v7/appcompat/R$anim). Run cd android && ./gradlew clean to fix this.

Usage example

import PixelColor from 'react-native-pixel-color';

PixelColor.getHex(imageUriOrData, { x, y }).then((color) => {
  // #000000
}).catch((err) => {
  // Oops, something went wrong. Check that the filename is correct and
  // inspect err to get more details.

Sample app

Examples are found in the the examples folder.


promise getHex(path, options)

The promise resolves with a string containing the uri of the new file.
Option | Description ------ | ----------- path | Path of image file, or a base64 encoded image string prefixed with 'data:image/imagetype' where imagetype is jpeg or png. options | { x: int, y: int }