Translocate your render destination, using mitt. Built with react@16 and react-native in mind.

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Translocate your render destination. Using mitt. Built with react@16 and react-native in mind, but these are not strictly required, as long as React.PureComponent is available.
The code itself is very minimal and only rely on react's context, and written in ES6.
Feel free to file an issue/PR if you have a better way to publish this component.
Live demo on web
  • Although I built this module for react-native, it works just as great on web.
Aim of this project
  • Minimalistic API
  • Minimal dependancy
  • Use official react API only
Known issues
  • Try not to put falsy 0 or '' through. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • A behavior of BlackPortals having the exact same name is undefined, yet.
- Ideas appreciated - This one is smaller though
  • Has react-native in its name but works on anywhere including browser DOM.
  • (webpack only) needs proper babel configuration (see ES6 usage and ES5 usage below)
  1. install npm module
npm i react-native-portal -P
yarn add react-native-portal --prod
Make sure to put -P or --prod to ignore useless packages for consuming this module.
It should automatically install mitt, only if necessary.
  1. Wrap your root component with PortalProvider.
As it requires a single child it is reasonable to wrap it in your entry file.
import {PortalProvider} from 'react-native-portal'
render(<PortalProvider><YourApp /></PortalProvider>, document.querySelector('#app'))

  1. Put your WhitePortal and BlackPortal as you wish, matching their name props.
  2. Enjoy your inner peace 🙏

ES5 usage

You can access this module on react-dom + legacy browser environment via unpkg.
Good enough for quick prototyping and goofying around.
  (expects React global, prop-types & mitt bundled)

However I do not recommend this on production 😂

ES6 usage (outside of react-native)

Only refer this if you are going to use this module on browsers or a modified environment.
Solution 1. Vanilla es6 module
Since 1.1.1 I've included dist/noflow.js in the npm repo. It sticks to the pure es6 spec (as of es2015) so you won't need to strip away class properties and flow comments.
```js import {PortalProvider} from 'react-native-portal/dist/noflow'; ```
(I'd better improve those filenames. I'll do a major semver update in that case!)
Solution 2. Babel config This module will work out-of-the-box with most React-native configurations. But you may need to tweak a few options to use react-native-portal.
module: {
  rules: [
      test: /\.js$/,
      exclude: {
        and: [
          /(node_modules|bower_components)/, // << Note 1
          { not: [/(react-native-portal)/] }, // << Note 2
      use: {
        loader: 'babel-loader',
        options: {
          presets: [
          plugins: [
            ['transform-class-properties', { spec: false }], // <<< Note 3. `spec` is optional
            ['transform-flow-strip-types'], // <<< Note 4. Only if you are NOT using flow

Above snippet from webpack.config.js has 3 lines that you may have to set up properly with babel-loader.
1. It is advised to excluded all .js files in nodemodules from babel for performance reasons. 2. However, it will also exclude react-native-portal from transpiling properly. To prevent that, we can use boolean condition to exclude option as noted. 3. if you are not using stage-N or proper env preset you may have to add transform-class-properties plugin. 4. if you are not using flow you must add transform-flow-strip-types plugin.

PortalProvider = context provider, required

Match BlackPortal and WhitePortal by their name. Wrap your app with this component, presumably in App.js or index.js
  <YourAppRoot />

BlackPortal = Put things in here

Sends its child until WhitePortal renders, and always render null in its place. Once unmounted, it will wipe its children to null.


  • name : string
  • children : ReactElement<*> | null

<BlackPortal name="wow">
  <MyButton onPress={this.whatever} title="I'm going to space"/>

<BlackPortal name={`greet-${}`}>
  <Skeletal>Hello, {}!</Skeletal>

If there are no matching exit(WhitePortal), PortalProvider will simply hold it until requested.

WhitePortal = Things will pop out of here

Renders anything sent from BlackPortal. Renders its given child as a fallback.


  • name : string
  • children : ?ReactElement<*> - a default child. default: null
  • childrenProps : ?object - inject props if provided

<WhitePortal name="wow">
  <Text>I only render when there is nothing(falsy) to render from my name</Text>

<WhitePortal name={`greet-${}`} childrenProps={{doot:'thank'}} />
==> renders <Skeletal doot="thank">…</Skeletal>