A react native wrapper for Google ReCaptcha V3

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A react native wrapper for google recaptcha v3


npm install --save react-native-recaptcha-v3


<ReCaptcha {...props} />


  • containerStyle An object that specifies the display style for the reCaptcha badge.

  • siteKey A string representing the siteKey provided in the Google reCaptcha admin console.

  • url URL associated with the app (This is the domain url that you registered on Google Admin Console when getting a siteKey)

  • action A string representing the ReCaptcha action (Refer to the ReCaptcha v3 document)

  • reCaptchaType: Currently two types of reCaptchas are supported:
invisible: Invisible reCaptcha do not require the users to solve a challenge. Refer to the reCaptcha V3 documentation for further information normal: Normal reCaptcha may often require the user to click on a "I am not a robot" checkbox and solve a challenge (reCaptcha V2) - NOTE: This is meant to be used only with the firebase projects since firebase doesn't yet support reCaptcha v3.
  • config: Firebase project config found in the firebase console. This prop is only required when using the normal reCaptcha

  • onExecute A function to handle the response of ReCaptcha. Takes in a parameter that represents the
response token from the ReCaptcha.


Feel like contribution to this repository? The steps are simple:
  • Fork the repository
  • Make the changes you'd like to see
  • Create a PR and wait for it to be approved by two people before merging

Applications using react-native-recaptcha-v3

Pool App :

Thank-you for using react-native-recaptcha-v3 😀 Feel free to also leave any feedback or change requests you may have.