Badge for the shortcut icon in your React Native Android Apps

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Badge for the shortcut icon in your React Native App (Android & iOS).
iOS have native support for badges and this library uses the React Native PushNotificationIOS module.
In Android, this is a wrapper for the amazing ShortcutBadger library.
ShortcutBadger is included in many notification libraries for React Native, rn-shortcut-badge offers an API and updates that do not depend on any of these libraries, although it can present the same drawbacks (before Android 8 there is no native support for badges, in Android 8 and later the badge is defined by the notifications).
NOTE: This is Work In Progress, not fully tested.


$ yarn add react-native-shortcut-badge
$ react-native link react-native-shortcut-badge

If you are using Proguard, add this to your android/app/
-keep class me.leolin.shortcutbadger.impl.** { <init>(...); }


import ShortcutBadge from 'react-native-shortcut-badge';

ShortcutBadge.getCount((count) => {
    ShortcutBadge.setCount(count + 1);


Property | Type | Description -------- | ---- | ----------- launcher | string or null | Name of the current launcher "home", or null if the launcher could not be detected. supported | boolean | Does ShortcutBadge have support for the current launcher/device?
NOTE: The counter remains in the storage of the device even if the launcher is not supported.


  • setCount(count: number) => Promise<boolean>
Set the counter and update the badge.

Returns `true` if the operation succeeds.
  • getCount() => Promise<number>
Returns the badge counter.
  • requestPermission(): Promise<boolean>
Request permission for Badge, mainly for iOS.

Return `true` if permission is granted.