A Swipeable FlatList for React-Native with Quick Actions & Animations

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A Swipeable FlatList for React-Native with Quick Actions & Animations
animated screenshot of a swipeable flatlist email inbox mockup using react-native-swipeable-list


  1. Install the package in your project:

npm install react-native-swipeable-list
yarn add react-native-swipeable-list
  1. Import the component into your component:

import SwipeableFlatList from 'react-native-swipeable-list';
  1. Pass it a data array. It inherits FlatListProps from the standard FlatList component from react-native.

It can be passed other props:
  • shouldBounceOnMount (default = true) - To alert the user that swiping is possible, the first row can bounce on component mount. Type boolean

  • maxSwipeDistance - Maximum distance to open to after a swipe. Type number || (Object => number)

  • renderQuickActions - Callback method to render the view that will be unveiled on swipe. Type renderItemType (which provides index and item, which will be very useful for performing actions on your items)


Check out the example in the /examples folder. Clone this repo, then cd examples && yarn install && yarn start and then either react-native run-ios or react-native run-android to get the app up and running locally. Play with the code and see what you can do.

History & Shoutouts

Started from the SwipeableFlatList component that was removed from react-native's experimental libraries. (See: