react-native-uuid is a zero-dependency TypeScript implementation of RFC4122.

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react-native-uuid is a zero-dependency TypeScript implementation of RFC4122 standard A Universally Unique IDentifier (UUID) URN Namespace. Please note, this library uses pseudo random generator based on top of Math.random. New version with hardware support is WIP.
Heavily inspired by:

Huge thanks to Randy Coulman for the early version of a code.

Getting started

Use this steps to install and create UUIDs. Example projec is available here

  1. Install

npm install react-native-uuid

  1. Create a UUID

import uuid from 'react-native-uuid';
uuid.v4(); // ⇨ '11edc52b-2918-4d71-9058-f7285e29d894'


Methods documentation is available here


Previous version has been based on randombytes that is not compatible with react-native out of the box. Please submit an issue if you found a bug.

react-native-uuid for enterprise

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