Increase version and build number in your react native app for package.json and both platforms (ios && android) with one command

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React native version upper
Increase major, minor or patch part of the version and build number in your app in package.json and in ios and android projects with one command.
node ./node_modules/react-native-version-up/index.js --patch -m 'commit message'

With this script you can:
  • Increase major, minor or patch part in the version.
  • Make a git commit with version changes.
  • Make a git tag with new version.


> yarn run version:up -- --patch
$ node ./node_modules/react-native-version-up/index.js "--patch"

I'm going to increase the version in:
  - package.json (./package.json);
  - ios project (./ios/happinesstracker/Info.plist);
  - android project (./android/app/build.gradle).

The version will be changed:
  - from: 0.2.2 (9);
  - to:   0.2.3 (10).

Use "0.2.3" as the next version? [y/n] y

Updating versions
  Updating version in package.json...
    Version in package.json changed.
  Updating version in xcode project...
    Version and build number in ios project (plist file) changed.
  Updating version in android project...
    Version and build number in android project (gradle file) changed.

I'm ready to cooperate with the git!
  I want to make a commit with message:
    "release 0.2.3: increase versions and build numbers"
  I want to add a tag:
    "v0.2.3" -m "release 0.2.3: increase versions and build numbers"
  Do you allow me to do this? [y/n] y
  Commit with files added. Run "git push".



yarn add react-native-version-up

Or via npm:
npm install react-native-version-up --save


1. Add command in the section scripts in the package.json
  "name": "your-project-name",
  "scripts": {
    "version:up": "node ./node_modules/react-native-version-up/index.js"

2. Make sure you have defined the version
  "name": "your-project-name",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "scripts": {
    "version:up": "node ./node_modules/react-native-version-up/index.js"

3. Commit the package.json (optional)
git add package.json
git commit -m 'version:up command added'

4. Increase version when needed
yarn version:up --major

Or via npm:
npm run version:up -- --major


You can pass option name and value with following syntax (remember to put -- before options if you are using npm, with yarn this is not needed):
yarn version:up --flag value

| Option | Type | Default value | Description | |------------|----------|-------------------|-----------------| | --major | flag | | Increase major version:
0.0.0 -> 1.0.0 | | --minor | flag | | Increase minor version:
0.0.0 -> 0.1.0 | | --patch | flag | | Increase patch version:
0.0.0 -> 0.0.1 | | --message or -m | string | "release ${version}: increase versions and build numbers" | Custom commit message. | | --pathToPackage './path' | string | ./package.json | Path to package.json file in your project. | | --pathToPlist './path' | string | ./ios/${}/Info.plist | Path to Info.plist file (ios project). | | --pathToGradle './path' | string | ./android/app/build.gradle | Path to build.gradle file (android project). |