A toolkit for performing nested validation of React forms.

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A toolkit for performing nested validation of forms in React. Please find a live demo here.


There is a diverse array of React packages designed to help render and validate forms. However there was no obvious choice that provided the following features:
Ability to deeply nest forms and collate errors at the top level. Allow for complex validation rules. Unopinionated about how to render presentational components. We found a need for a light weight validation toolkit that could be used with a variety of presentational frameworks, and so we made react-nested-validation.


No components are offered to help render your presentational components. You are able to render them any way you choose, using any framework. Three main categories of components are provided:
Forms. Validator functions. React component wrappers. Forms are the main interface for designing both the validation, and the nested structure of your validation. Forms are ES6 classes that contain links to nested forms, and allow for methods to be overidden in order to validate both fields and general form errors.
Validator functions are conveniences for performing common validation operations, e.g. required fields. Presently there are only two prepackaged validators: required and emptyWarning.
The React component wrappers are two higher-order components to help apply Forms to your presentational React comonents. They wrap any other React component, transforming it into a managed form. A single prop, form, is given to the inner component which contains all the information not just for the current form, but all nested forms too.

More to come

While we're working on improving the design documentation, please take a look at the live examples for more of an idea how to get started.