A simple org chart for React.

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Simple Org Chart for React

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See the example project for demonstration of creating org chart data structure and using the OrgChart component.
This project focuses on the simplicity of its api.

Installation: Import Javascript and CSS

```jsx harmon import OrgChart from 'react-orgchart'; import 'react-orgchart/index.css';
### Step 1: Create the org chart tree as an object literal.
The ```children``` property of each node are rendered as children nodes.

```jsx harmony
const initechOrg = {
  name: "Bill Lumbergh",
  actor: "Gary Cole",
  children: [
      name: "Peter Gibbons",
      actor: "Ron Livingston",
      children: [
          name: "And More!!",
          actor: "This is just to show how to build a complex tree with multiple levels of children. Enjoy!"
      name: "Milton Waddams",
      actor: "Stephen Root"
      name: "Bob Slydell",
      actor: "John C. McGi..."

Step 2: Define a React Component for the nodes which receives each node object literal as a prop.

You can easily add functionality as you see fit to this node component. Pass down necessary data through the tree structure outlined above. ```jsx harmony const MyNodeComponent = ({node}) => { return (
<div className="initechNode" onClick={() => alert("Hi my real name is: " +}>{ }</div>
); };
### Final Step: Add the ```OrgChart``` component to your app.
```jsx harmony
<OrgChart tree={initechOrg} NodeComponent={MyNodeComponent} />

Additionally, you may want to style your org chart.

See Example project stylesheet for ideas.

Customizing Styles

Simple wrap your org chart in a div with an id and define styles like this:
.initechNode {
    border: solid 3px red;
    border-radius: 3px;
    padding: 5px;
    width: 150px;
    display: inline-block;

#initechOrgChart .orgNodeChildGroup .nodeGroupLineVerticalMiddle {
    border-right: solid 3px red

#initechOrgChart .nodeLineBorderTop {
    border-top: solid 3px red;