ReactJS / PlotlyJS integration. Draw plotly graphs in your react app.

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React-PlotlyJS npm version
A react component for Plotly.JS graphs.
This is a very early, simple wrapper with the following problems:
  • Performs a full redraw on every update, I intend to make this more performant soon.
  • Changes to the 'config' prop will not update the graph currently.

However it does support event handling via the onClick, onBeforeHover, onHover, onUnHover, onSelected, and onRelayout props. Note that currently, however, changes to these event handlers after initial creation will not be propogated.
As the full Plotly bundle is huge, this library lets you pass a custom bundle to create the component. Therefore you will need Plotly as a direct dependancy of your project.
import createPlotlyComponent from 'react-plotlyjs';
//See the list of possible plotly bundles at or roll your own
import Plotly from 'plotly.js/dist/plotly-cartesian';
const PlotlyComponent = createPlotlyComponent(Plotly);

Here's a simple example render method:
render() {
  let data = [
      type: 'scatter',  // all "scatter" attributes:
      x: [1, 2, 3],     // more about "x": #scatter-x
      y: [6, 2, 3],     // #scatter-y
      marker: {         // marker is an object, valid marker keys: #scatter-marker
        color: 'rgb(16, 32, 77)' // more about "marker.color": #scatter-marker-color
      type: 'bar',      // all "bar" chart attributes: #bar
      x: [1, 2, 3],     // more about "x": #bar-x
      y: [6, 2, 3],     // #bar-y
      name: 'bar chart example' // #bar-name
  let layout = {                     // all "layout" attributes: #layout
    title: 'simple example',  // more about "layout.title": #layout-title
    xaxis: {                  // all "layout.xaxis" attributes: #layout-xaxis
      title: 'time'         // more about "layout.xaxis.title": #layout-xaxis-title
    annotations: [            // all "annotation" attributes: #layout-annotations
        text: 'simple annotation',    // #layout-annotations-text
        x: 0,                         // #layout-annotations-x
        xref: 'paper',                // #layout-annotations-xref
        y: 0,                         // #layout-annotations-y
        yref: 'paper'                 // #layout-annotations-yref
  let config = {
    showLink: false,
    displayModeBar: true
  return (
    <PlotlyComponent className="whatever" data={data} layout={layout} config={config}/>