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react-popover is going to come back to life again\#issuecomment-274309191
littlebits/react-popover successor.


npm install --save react-popover2


export default Popover(props, target)

props :: {...}

body :: Node | Array Node
The popover content. Content is rooted (becomes children of) .Popover-body and thus body can be a single node or an array of nodes.
isOpen :: Boolean
Determines Whether or not the popover is rendered.
preferPlace :: Enum String | Null
Sets a preference of where to position the Popover. Only useful to specify placement in case of multiple available fits. Defaults to null. Valid values are:
above | right | below | left :: Prefer an explicit side. row | column :: Prefer an orientation. start | end :: Prefer an order. null :: No preference, automatic resolution. This is the default.
place :: String | Null
Like preferPlace except that the given place is a requirement. The resolver becomes scoped or disabled. It is scoped if the place is an orientation or order but disabled if it is a side. For example place: "row" scopes the resolver to above or below placement but place: "above" removes any need for the resolver.
onOuterAction :: (Event) -> Void
A callback function executed every time the user does an action (mousedown or touchstart) outside the DOM tree of both Popover and Target. A canonical use-case is to automatically close the Popover on any external user action.
refreshIntervalMs :: Number | Falsey
The polling speed (AKA time between each poll) in milliseconds for checking if a layout refresh is required. This polling is required because it is the only robust way to track the position of a target in the DOM. Defaults to 200. Set to a falsey value to disable.
  • Properties like className and style.

target :: React Element

  • The React Element that this popover will orient itself around. target rendering tree is unaffected. Popover will become its owner.