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# or specify the externals in webpack config
npm install --save raphael
# install react-raphael in your react-raphael project
	npm install --save react-raphael


Quickly Start

var React = require('react');
var ReactDOM = require('react-dom');

const {Raphael,Paper,Set,Circle,Ellipse,Image,Rect,Text,Path,Line} = require('react-raphael');

class App extends React.Component{
        var data = [
        return (<Paper width={300} height={300}>
                                return (<Circle key={pos} x={ele.x} y={ele.y} r={ele.r} attr={ele.attr} animate={ele.animate}/>)
                            <Rect x={30} y={148} width={240} height={150} attr={{"fill":"#10a54a","stroke":"#f0c620","stroke-width":5}}/>
							<Ellipse x={150} y={198} ry={40} rx={100} attr={{"fill":"#fff","stroke":"#e11032"}} glow={{width:10,fill:true,color:"#0b8ac9",opacity:1}}/>
                            <Image src="static/images/5circle.png" x={100} y={170} width={90} height={60} />
							<Text x={150} y={258} text="同一个世界 同一个梦想" attr={{"fill":"#fff"}}/>
							<Text x={150} y={273} text="One World One Dream" attr={{"fill":"#fff"}}/>
							<Path d={["M150 287L150 287"]} animate={Raphael.animation({"path": ["M80 287L220 287"]},500,"<>")} attr={{"stroke":"#fff"}}/>
                            <Line x1={150} y1={290} x2={150} y2={290} animate={Raphael.animation({ x1:80, x2:220},500,"<>")} attr={{"stroke":"#fff"}}/>




All Element Props

  • Paper
- width `number` width of the canvas.
- height  `number` height of the canvas.
	- container `object`  props of the canvas's container.`default value: { style:{}, className:"" }`
  • Element
- attr `object` Sets the attributes of the element.
- animate `object` Creates and starts animation for given element.
- animateWith `object` Acts similar to Element.animate, but ensure that given animation runs in sync with another given element.
- click `function` Adds event handler for click for the element.
- data `object` Adds or retrieves given value asociated with given key. 
- dblclick `function` Adds event handler for double click for the element.
- drag `object` Adds event handlers for drag of the element. `object {move,start,end,mcontext,scontext,econtext}`
- glow `function` Return set of elements that create glow-like effect around given element.
- hover `object` Adds event handlers for hover for the element. `object {in,out,icontext,ocontext}`
- hide `boolean` Makes element invisible. 
- mousedown `function` Adds event handler for mousedown for the element.
- mousemove `function` Adds event handler for mousemove for the element.
- mouseout `function` Adds event handler for mouseout for the element.
- mouseover `function` Adds event handler for mouseover for the element.
- mouseup `function` Adds event handler for mouseup for the element.
    - load `function` Adds event handler for load for the element.
- rotate `object` Adds rotation by given angle around given point to the list of transformations of the element.
- scale `object` Adds scale by given amount relative to given point to the list of transformations of the element.
    - stop `boolen` Stops animation for given element.
- toBack `boolean` Moves the element so it is the furthest from the viewer’s eyes, behind other elements.
- toFront `boolean` Moves the element so it is the closest to the viewer’s eyes, on top of other elements.
- touchcancel `function` Adds event handler for touchcancel for the element.
- touchend `function` Adds event handler for touchend for the element.
- touchmove `function` Adds event handler for touchmove for the element.
- touchstart `function` Adds event handler for touchstart for the element.
- transform `string` or `array` Adds transformation to the element which is separate to other attributes, i.e. translation doesn’t change x or y of the rectange. The format of transformation string is similar to the path string syntax:`"t100,100r30,100,100s2,2,100,100r45s1.5"`
- translate `object` Adds translation by given amount to the list of transformations of the element.
- update `function` Adds event handler for update for the element.
  • Set Extends Element & Container Elements
  • Circle Extends Element & Draws a circle
- x `number` x coordinate of the centre
- y `number` y coordinate of the centre
- r `number` radius
  • Ellipse Extends Element & Draws a ellipse
- x `number` x coordinate of the centre
- y `number` y coordinate of the centre
- rx `number` horizontal radius
	- ry `number` vertical radius
  • Image Extends Element & Embeds an image into the surface
- src `string` URI of the source image
    - x `number` x coordinate of the centre
    - y `number` y coordinate of the centre
    - width `number` width of the image
- height `number` height of the image
  • Path Extends Element & Creates a path element by given path data string
- d `string` path string in SVG format
  • Print Extends Element & Creates set of shapes to represent given font at given position with given size
- x `number` x position of the text
- y `number` y position of the text
- text `string` text to print
- font-family `string` family of font object
- font-weight `string` weight of font object
- font-style `string` style of font object
- font-stretch `string` stretch of font object
- font-size `number` size of the font, default is 16
- origin `string` could be "baseline" or "middle", default is "middle"
- letter-spacing `number` number in range -1..1, default is 0
  • Rect Extends Element & Draws a circle
- x `number` x coordinate of the top left corner
- y `number` y coordinate of the top left corner
- width `number` width of the rect
	- height `number` height of the rect
- r `number` radius for rounded corners, default is 0
  • Text Extends Element & Draws a text string & If you need line breaks, put “\n” in the string
- x `number` x coordinate position
- y `number` y coordinate position
- text `string` The text string to draw
  • Line Extends Path & Draws a line
- x1 `number` x coordinate of the start point
- y1 `number` y coordinate of the start point
- x2 `number` x coordinate of the end point
	- y2 `number` y coordinate of the end point

All Element Ref Function

  • Paper
- getPaper `function` paper of the component
  • Set
- getSet `function` set of the component
  • Element
- getElement `function` element of the component

Raphael & Utils

- createPaper `function` create a paper by `Raphael()`
    - updatePaper `function` update a paper
    - removePaper `function` remove a paper
- create `function` create elements or a set by ``
- createElement `function` call create to create a element
- createSet `function` call create to create a set
    - updateElement `function` update elements or a set 
- removeSet `function` remove a set from paper 
- removeElement `function` remove a element from paper 
- papers `array` all paper instance
- elements `array` all elements or set of the only paper instance
    - findParentById `function` find parent of element by id