A snackbar (displays toasts) for reactjs, using the redux state container

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A snackbar (displays toasts) for reactjs, using the redux state container. Follows the material design guidelines. Its flexible and customizable at less than 2.5kB gzipped, and has no dependencies (other than that you must use React and Redux in your app of course).


Install using yarn:
yarn add react-redux-snackbar
Or npm:
npm install --save react-redux-snackbar


1) Add the reducer
// Somewhere where you create your redux-store:
import { createStore, combineReducers } from 'redux';
import { snackbarReducer } from 'react-redux-snackbar'; // Import it
const reducers = {
  // ... reducers ...
  snackbar: snackbarReducer // Make sure its mounted using the "snackbar" key
  // ... reducers ...
const reducer = combineReducers(reducers);
const store = createStore(reducer);

2) Add the React-component somewhere in your app
import { Provider }  from 'react-redux';
import { Snackbar } from 'react-redux-snackbar';

<Provider store={store}>
	// This is maybe in your App.js or something
	// Just put the component somewhere in your app
	<Snackbar />

3) Then use it by dispatching the redux-actions, anywhere in your app
import { showSnack, dismissSnack } from 'react-redux-snackbar';

dispatch(showSnack('myUniqueId', {
	label: 'Yay, that actually worked!',
	timeout: 7000,
	button: { label: 'OK, GOT IT' }

// Should you want to remove it programatically:


More docs coming soon