React Tabulator is based on tabulator - a JS table library with many advanced features.

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React Tabulator is based on Tabulator - a JS table library with many advanced features. Link.

🌟 Features

Tabulator's features:
Filters      Sorting      Formatting    Grouping      Ajax      Editing    Virtualization
Pagination   Themes       A11y          I18n          Layouts   Frozen Cols/Rows
Key Binding  Responsive   Persisting    History       Calc      Validation
Clipboard    Tree Layout  Nested Tables

Plus more features:

  • React.
  • Simple syntax; Import css, themes.
  • Typescript, Tslint.
  • Jest-puppeteer for testing.
  • React Cell Editors: DateEditor, MultiSelectEditor, etc.
  • React Cell Formatters: MultiValueFormatter, etc.
  • React Filters (TBD).
  • For the legacy React 15.x, use: import React15Tabulator.

📦 Usage

$ npm install react-tabulator --save

import 'react-tabulator/lib/styles.css'; // required styles
import 'react-tabulator/lib/css/tabulator.min.css'; // theme
import { ReactTabulator } from 'react-tabulator';

    <ReactTabulator columns={columns} data={data} options={} events={{ rowClick: rowClickHandler }} />

* "options" will be passed directly to Tabulator's options.
* "events" is an object like { eventName: handlerFunction }
* use "ref.table" to access to all tabulator functions.

🔧 Development - Commands

Require: NodeJS
$ npm install --legacy-peer-deps        install dependencies for development.
$ npm run dev      Launch DEV mode (with hot reload).
$ npm run build    Make a build.

$ npm run test     Run tests using jest-puppeteer (with headless Chrome).

📖 Documentation

🙌 Thanks

All contributions are welcome!

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