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```sh npm install react-tooltip ```


Using NPM 1 . Require react-tooltip after installation ```js var ReactTooltip = require("react-tooltip") ``` 2 . Add data-tip = "your placeholder" to your element
<p data-tip="hello world">Tooltip</p>
3 . Including react-tooltip component ```js ``` Standalone You can import node_modules/react-tooltip/standalone/react-tooltip.min.js into your page, please make sure that you have already imported react and react-dom into your page.


  • The tooltip is using type: dark place: top effect: float as default attribute, you don't have to add these options if you don't want to change default
  • The option you set on <ReactTooltip /> component will be implemented on every tooltip in a same page: <ReactTooltip effect="solid" />
  • The option you set on specific elecment, for example: <a data-type="warning"></a> will only make effect on this specific tooltip
Check example: React-tooltip Test
Global  |	Specific	|	Type	|	Values  |       Description
place	|   data-place  |  String  |  top, right, bottom, left | tooltip's placement
type	|   data-type  |  String  |  success, warning, error, info, light | tooltip's color theme
effect	|   data-effect  |  String  |  float, solid | either float or pinned
event |   data-event  |  String  |  e.g. click | custom event to trigger tooltip
offset	|   data-offset  |  Object  |  top, right, bottom, left | data-offset="{'top': 10, 'left': 10}" for specific and offset={{top: 10, left: 10}} for global
multiline	|   data-multiline  |  Bool  |  true, false | support `<br>`, `<br />` to make multiline
class | data-class | String | your custom class | extra custom class, can use !important to cover react-tooltip's default class
html	|   data-html  |  Bool  |  true, false  |  `<p data-tip="<p>HTML tooltip</p>" data-html={true}></p>` or `<ReactTooltip html={true} />`
delayHide	|   data-delay-hide  |  Number  |   |    `<p data-tip="tooltip" data-delay-hide='1000'></p>` or `<ReactTooltip delayHide={1000} />`
delayShow	|   data-delay-show  |  Number  |   |    `<p data-tip="tooltip" data-delay-show='1000'></p>` or `<ReactTooltip delayShow={1000} />`
border  |   data-border  |  Bool  |  true, false | Add one pixel white border

Using react component as tooltip

Check the example React-tooltip Test
  1. data-tip is necessary, because <ReactTooltip /> find tooltip via this attribute
  1. data-for correspond to the id of <ReactTooltip />
  1. When using react component as tooltip, you can have many <ReactTooltip /> in a page but they should have different id


ReactTooltip.hide() for hide the tooltip manually ReactTooltip.rebuild() for re-bind tooltip to the corresponding element I suggest always put <ReactTooltip /> in the Highest level or smart component of Redux, so you might need these static method to control tooltip's behaviour in some situations