### Installation ```bash npm install --save react-transition-collapse ```

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npm install --save react-transition-collapse

yarn add react-transition-collapse


ReactTransitionCollapse takes these props:
children: Element
duration: number | string // number of milliseconds
expanded: boolean
animationType: 'scale' | 'translate' // which css transform should be applied to animate the transition

Full example

import React, { useState } from 'react'
import ReactTransitionCollapse from 'react-transition-collapse'

export const Expandable = () => {
  const [expanded, setExpanded] = useState(false)
  return (
      <button onClick={() => setExpanded(expanded => !expanded)}>Expand</button>
        <ReactTransitionCollapse expanded={expanded} duration={200}>
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NPM scripts

- npm t: Run test suite - npm start: Run npm run build in watch mode - npm run test:watch: Run test suite in interactive watch mode - npm run test:prod: Run linting and generate coverage - npm run build: Generate bundles and typings, create docs - npm run lint: Lints code - npm run commit: Commit using conventional commit style (husky will tell you to use it if you haven't :wink:)