Like React Transition Group, but better.

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React Transition Hooks
The goal of this component is supply a better alternative to ReactTransitionGroup. Why? Because, ReactTransitionGroup animations can not be interrupted. So, if you are with a component entering the group it can not leave until the entering phase is complete. Plus, Facebook will drop support for ReactTransitionGroup soon.
If you have a component currently using ReactTransitionGroup you can just change your import with this component and everything should work as expected.
Demo using ReactInlineTransitionGroup
How to install
npm install react-transition-hooks


This component uses the same API names of ReactTransitionGroup.
  • componentWillAppear(callback): Called right after componentDidMount. This is called for the children inside the group for the first render. After the first render this will never be called again.

  • componentDidAppear(): Called when the callback passed to componentWillAppear is called.

  • componentWillEnter(callback): Called when a component just entered the group.

  • componentDidEnter(): Called when the callback passed to componentWillEnter is called.

  • componentWillLeave(callback): Called when a component is leaving the group.

  • componentDidLeave(): Called when the callback passed to componentWillLeave is called. This is called right after componentWillUnmount.


Property name | Description ------------ | ------------- component | The component that will wrap all the children. Default: span