Truncate multiline HTML with React

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We all know how this goes: one day you’re just minding your own business, and then suddenly hear your content manager say ‘but we also want to use html in the summaries’, you yell out ‘why?!’ and shake your head in disbelief, sadly; the choice isn’t up to you.
Good news, luckily for you there’s react-truncate-html, which unlike react-truncate also supports html (who would’ve guessed, right?!)
react-truncate-html is based on ellipsis.js, so it features:
  • Full responsiveness
  • Pure JS, no weird css hacks
  • High configurability

When to use react-truncate-html

As mentioned above, only use react-truncate-html when you want to truncate HTML Use react-truncate for everything else.


Although you pass your html through dangerouslySetInnerHTML, react-truncate-html will sanitize input passed to it.
Do keep in mind that RTH explicitly santizes input, other elements besides RTH will not filter input when using dangerouslySetInnerHTML and in that case, you are personally responsible for sanitizing input


  • No react children allowed! Because of the dom manipulation react-truncate-html does, it only supports html as a string. The only way to set it’s content is by passing dangerouslySetInnerHTML. (see warning above, too)
  • Not very performance friendly: As the author of ellipsis.js mentions, having 100 elements with 100 lines is not an option, as it does some heavy computations.
  • Doesn't work on server side: we can't compute height and stuff on the server side, so passed HTML will be kept intact on server side. (but don't worry, rendering won't differ)


npm i react-truncate-html --save

yarn add react-truncate-html

whatever-new-package-manager-we-will-have-next-month install react-truncate-html



Simple example (truncate after 3 lines):
import Truncate from 'react-truncate-html';

   __html: "Hi, <strong>here’s some</strong> <i>HTML</i>"

Complex example (don't listen for browser resizing events, don’t break words, use 4 lines on portrait mode):
    __html: "Hi, <strong>here’s some</strong> <i>HTML</i>"

Available props

| Name | Type | Default | Desc | |------------|--------|---------|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | debounce | Number | 100 | Use a timeout before recalculating when resizing the window. | | responsive | Bool | true | If you want the ellipsis to move with the window resizing | | lines | Number | 2 | Number of lines you wish to have before the ellipsis will appear | | portrait | Number | null | Additionally, you can set a different amount of lines when using portrait mode | | breakWord | Bool | true | If true the words can be truncated by the ellipsis, eg: "Hello Wo…", if false they won't, eg "Hello …" |
Additional props will be transferred over to react-truncate-html’s internal tag, so, for example <Truncate style={{color: ‘yellow’}}/> will work.