React components for automatic typing effects.

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A react component for animated typing text.


npm install --save react-typewriter


Pass in children to the TypeWriter component like any other component. Make sure to set the typing property to 1 when you want the component to begin animating.
import React from 'react';
import TypeWriter from 'react-typewriter';

class YourReactClass extends React.Component {

  render() {
    return (
      // Passing in text.
      <TypeWriter typing={1}>Hello World!</TypeWriter>


You can also pass in other components such as anchor tags and spans.
<TypeWriter typing={1}>
  <span style={{color: 'blue'}}>World</span>

Child components can be nested as deep as necessary. Text is typed out as each character appears in a pre-order traversal of the nested structure.




type: Integer default: 0
A value of 1 will cause the component type text left to right until completion. A value of -1 will cause the component to erase text right to left.


type: Integer default: 100
The maximum delay between each typed token in milliseconds.


type: Integer default: 20
The minimum delay between each typed token in milliseconds.


type: Boolean default: false
This flag will ensure the enclosing container's size and shape is fixed. Prevents the text from shifting around as it grows into its container.


type: Array[Object] default: none
Allows for setting characters or indexes that will increase or decrease the delay period until the next character.
The array contains objects requiring two keys: at: can either be a character, integer, or regex. If there are characters that match the string or regex, the delay period following that character will be increased by the delay: amount.
var delays = [{
  // At index 4, increase the delay period by 100ms.
  at: 4,
  delay: 100
  // Add a 400ms delay following every period character.
  at: '.',
  delay: 400


type: Function default: none
This callback is called when each token is typed in the typing animation. If the animation is erasing, it is called after each token is erased. The token that was typed/erased is passed as the first parameter in the callback. The token may be either a character or a React component. Will also pass the previous number of visible characters.


type: Function default: none
This callback is called once the typing animation has completed. This is when all text has been either revealed or erased.


type: Boolean
This property should be set on any TypeWriter child components that should be treated as a single token or stamp. The text inside a component with the stamp property will not be typed out, but will be revealed all at once.
Here, World! will be stamped onto the page instead of typed out:
<TypeWriter typing={1}>
  <span stamp>World!</span>


type: Function
This function can be called in order to erase the text immediately.