Drop-down menu for React with windowing to support large numbers of options.

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React Virtualized Select
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Demos available here:

react-virtualized-select example

Getting started

Install react-virtualized-select using npm.
npm install react-virtualized-select --save

ES6, CommonJS, and UMD builds are available with each distribution. For example:
// Make sure to import default styles.
// This only needs to be done once; probably during bootstrapping process.
import 'react-select/dist/react-select.css'
import 'react-virtualized/styles.css'
import 'react-virtualized-select/styles.css'

// Then import the virtualized Select HOC
import VirtualizedSelect from 'react-virtualized-select'

Alternately you can load a global-friendly UMD build:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="path-to-react-select/dist/react-select.css">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="path-to-react-virtualized/styles.css">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="path-to-react-virtualized-select/styles.css">

<script src="path-to-react-virtualized-select/dist/umd/react-virtualized-select.js"></script>

Simple Example

react-select-virtualized works just like react-select. You pass it an array of options, along with any other parameters supported by the Select component. Here's a simple example:
import React, { Component } from 'react'
import VirtualizedSelect from 'react-virtualized-select'

import 'react-select/dist/react-select.css'
import 'react-virtualized/styles.css'
import 'react-virtualized-select/styles.css'

class MySelect extends Component {
  constructor (props) {

    this.state = {}

  render () {
    const options = [
      { label: "One", value: 1 },
      { label: "Two", value: 2 },
      { label: "Three", value: 3, disabled: true }
      // And so on...

    return (
        onChange={(selectValue) => this.setState({ selectValue })}

React Virtualized Select Props

The additional parameters introduced by react-select-virtualized are optional. They are:
| Property | Type | Description | |:---|:---|:---| | async | PropTypes.bool | Use Select.Async internally; if this property is specified then a loadOptions method should also be used. | | maxHeight | PropTypes.number | Max height of options menu; defaults to 200 pixels. | | optionHeight | PropTypes.number or PropTypes.func | Option height (defaults to 35 pixels). Dynamic height can be supported via a function with the signature ({ option: Object }): number | | optionRenderer | PropTypes.func | Custom option renderer; (see below for signature). | | selectComponent | PropTypes.func | Use a specific select HOC (eg Select, Select.Creatable, Select.Async or Select.AsyncCreatable); defaults to Select (or Select.Async if async flag is true). |

Custom Option Renderer

You can override the built-in option renderer by specifying your own optionRenderer property. Your renderer should return a React element that represents the specified option. It will be passed the following named parameters:
| Property | Type | Description | |:---|:---|:---| | focusedOption | Object | The option currently-focused in the dropdown. Use this property to determine if your rendered option should be highlighted or styled differently. | | focusedOptionIndex | number | Index of the currently-focused option. | | focusOption | Function | Callback to update the focused option; for example, you may want to call this function on mouse-over. | | key | string | A unique identifier for each element created by the renderer. | | labelKey | string | Attribute of option that contains the display text. | | option | Object | The option to be rendered. | | options | Array<Object> | Array of options (objects) contained in the select menu. | | selectValue | Function | Callback to update the selected values; for example, you may want to call this function on click. | | style | Object | Styles that must be passed to the rendered option. These styles are specifying the position of each option (required for correct option displaying in the dropdown). | valueArray | Array<Object> | Array of the currently-selected options. Use this property to determine if your rendered option should be highlighted or styled differently. | | valueKey | string | Attribute of option that contains the value. |