Readline Façade fixing bugs and issues found in releases 0.8 and 0.10

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readline2 Build Status
Node.js (v0.8 and v0.10) had some bugs and issues with the default Readline module.
This module include fixes seen in later version (0.11-0.12 and iojs) and ease some undesirable behavior one could see using the readline to create interatives prompts. This means readline2 change some behaviors and as so is not meant to be an exact drop-in replacement.
This project is extracted from the core of Inquirer.js interactive prompt interface to be available as a standalone module.


Installation: npm install --save readline2

readline2.createInterface(options); -> {Interface}

Present the same API as Node.js readline.createInterface()


  • Default options.input as process.stdin
  • Default options.output as process.stdout
  • interface.stdout is wrapped in a MuteStream
  • Prevent up and down keys from moving through history inside the readline
  • Fix cursor position after a line refresh when the Interface prompt contains ANSI colors
  • Correctly return the cursor position when faced with implicit line returns


Copyright (c) 2012 Simon Boudrias (twitter: @vaxilart) Licensed under the MIT license.