A small Typescript package to access your Recoil atoms outside of React components.

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R E C O I L - N E X U S
If you have been using recoil for a while, you might have faced that outside React Components it's not possible to get or update values from atoms.
This Typescript implementation will workaround the issue and let you do so.

Live Example


npm i recoil-nexus
yarn add recoil-nexus


  1. Add RecoilNexus in your RecoilRoot

import React from "react";
import { RecoilRoot } from "recoil";
import RecoilNexus from "recoil-nexus";

export default function App() {
  return (
      <RecoilNexus />

      {/* ... */}

export default App;

  1. Use the following methods to get/set values passing your atom as a parameter.

| Method | Returns | | :---------- | :-------------------------------------------------------- | | getRecoil | getter function | | getRecoilPromise | getter function, returns a promise. To be used with asynchronous selectors. | | setRecoil | setter function, pass value to be set as second parameter | | resetRecoil | pass atom as parameter to reset to default value |
// Loading example
import { loadingState } from "../atoms/loadingState";
import { getRecoil, setRecoil } from "recoil-nexus";

export default function toggleLoading() {
  const loading = getRecoil(loadingState);
  setRecoil(loadingState, !loading);

import React from "react";
import { useRecoilValue } from "recoil";

export default function Loader() {
  loading = useRecoilValue(loadingState);
  return loading ? <h3>Loading...</h3> : null;

import { atom } from "recoil";

export const loadingState = atom({
  key: "LOADING",
  default: false,

Test Setup


When testing in Jest
, we need to set "transformIgnorePatterns": [] in our jest config, otherwise a SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module will cause the tests to fail. This can be acheived one of the following ways, depending on how you are defining your jest config:
export default config
  • in jest.config.js
"transformIgnorePatterns": []

  • in the top level of the package.json
"jest": {
  "transformIgnorePatterns": []


Kudos to VeepCream's recoil-outside original idea and Javascript implementation.
In this Typescript port/enhancement, I decided to remove RxJS and rely on native Recoil promises and loadables only.