recoil-relay helps Recoil perform type safe and efficient queries using GraphQL with Relay

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The recoil-relay library helps Recoil perform type safe and efficient queries using GraphQL with the Relay library.
Please see the Recoil Relay GraphQL Documentation
recoil-relay provides graphQLSelector() and graphQLSelectorFamily() selectors which can easily query with GraphQL. The queries are synced with the Recoil data-flow graph so downstream selectors can derive state from them, they can depend on upstream Recoil state, and they are automatically subscribed to any changes in the graph from Relay. Everything stays in sync automatically.


After setting up your Relay environment adding a GraphQL query is as simple as defining a GraphQL selector.
const userNameQuery = graphQLSelector({
  key: 'UserName',
  environment: myEnvironment,
  query: graphql`
    query UserQuery($id: ID!) {
      user(id: $id) {
  variables: ({get}) => ({id: get(currentIDAtom)}),
  mapResponse: data => data.user?.name,
Then use it like any other Recoil selector:
function MyComponent() {
  const userName = useRecoilValue(userNameQuery);
  return <span>{userName}</span>;


Please see the Recoil installation guide for installing Recoil and the Relay documentation for installing and setting up the Relay library, GraphQL compiler, Babel plugin, and ESLint plugin. Then add recoil-relay as a dependency.


Development of Recoil happens in the open on GitHub, and we are grateful to the community for contributing bugfixes and improvements. Read below to learn how you can take part in improving Recoil.


Recoil is MIT licensed.