automatically recompile coffee-script (or other!) source on startup

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"recompile" is an auto-recompiler for command-line node scripts.
For example, if you're writing a CLI tool in coffee-script, it may be convenient for it to recompile and restart itself if the source code changes. You can do this by starting your script with:
```coffee-script recompile = require "recompile"
recompile.check "./src", "./lib", -> # your actual code here
The `check` function is:
check(sourceFolder, targetFolder, options, callback) ```
It deep-compares the two folders, using a transform function to build target filenames from source filenames, and if any file in the target folder is newer than its corresponding file in the source folder, it executes a recompile command (using child_process.spawn) and then re-spawns node with its original command-line arguments, to try again. If the target folder is up-to-date, it simply calls your callback.
Note that the callback is only called once recompile is sure that the target folder is up-to-date. If it's not, the callback will never be called inside the current process -- only the spawned one.
Valid options are:
  • quiet (default: false) -- if true, don't emit anything to the console when recompiling

  • command (default: [ "./node_modules/.bin/coffee", "-o", targetFolder, "-c", sourceFolder ]) -- command to execute to recompile, as an array

  • transform (default: (filename) -> filename.replace(/.coffee$/, ".js")) -- transform function to convert source filenames to target filenames
Apache 2 (open-source) license, included in 'LICENSE.txt'.
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