Simple rectangle and point classes

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Simple rectangle and point classes
Try the demo. (This demo just shows one or two features; it's really just a test harness.)

API documentation

Detailed API docs can be found here.

Regarding submodules

This repo has a git submodule, which on the remote appears as a folder that is actually a pointer to another repo, similar to a linux symbolic link. On your local it is a normal folder with a copy of that other repo's contents.


When cloning this repo keep in mind that the jsdoc-template folder is a submodule. Therefore, be sure to give the --recurse-submodules option to checkout the contents of the submodule:
$ git clone --recurse-submodules

If you forget, you can still do it (soon) after cloning as a separate command:
$ git clone
$ git submodule update --init --recursive

Re-purposing for a new repo

Openfin developers: If you want to use this build template for a new repo, to continue to make use of the symbolic link to the shared jsdoc-template folder, issue the following commands:
```shell $ rm -drf jsdoc-template/ $ rm .gitmodules $ git submodule add jsdoc-template ``` These changes will then need to be committed.