Get an array of all files in a directory and subdirectories synchronously. This is a fork of

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A simple Node module for recursively listing all files in a directory, or in any subdirectories synchronously. It does not list directories themselves. Because it uses fs.readdir, which calls readdir under the hood on OS X and Linux, the order of files inside directories is not guaranteed.


npm install recursive-readdir-synchronous


```javascript var recursive = require('recursive-readdir-synchronous'); // Files is an array of filename var files = recursive('some/path'); ``` It can also take a list of files to ignore. ```javascript var recursive = require('recursive-readdir-synchronous'); // ignore files named 'foo.cs' or files that end in '.html'. // Files is an array of filename var files = recursive('some/path', 'foo.cs', '.html'); ``` You can also pass functions which are called to determine whether or not to ignore a file: ```javascript var recursive = require('recursive-readdir-synchronous'); function ignoreFunc(file, stats) { // file is the absolute path to the file, and stats is an fs.Stats // object returned from fs.lstat(). return stats.isDirectory() && path.basename(file) == "test"; } // Ignore files named 'foo.cs' and descendants of directories named test // Files is an array of filename var files = recursive('some/path', 'foo.cs', ignoreFunc); ``` The ignore strings support Glob syntax via minimatch.