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RedisDOWN Build Status
Redis backend for LevelUP
  • redis-2.8 or more recent.
  • node-0.10, node-0.11, iojs-1.0.1

Uses a sorted-set to order the keys and a hash to store the values.
Fetches the ordered key value pairs during iterations with a single redis lua call.
Abstract-LevelDOWN testsuite is green except for the 'implicit iterator snapshot'.
Copied and pasted from the levelup documentation. Added the db option when creating the db to use redisdown.
var levelup = require('levelup')
var redisdown = require('redisdown')

// 1) Create our database, supply location and options.
//    This will create or open the underlying LevelDB store.
var db = levelup('mydb', { db: redisdown, host: 'localhost', port: 6379 })

// if you already have a redis client
//var db = levelup('mydb', { db: redisdown, redis: redisClient })

// if you use an URL environment variable
//var db = levelup('mydb', { db: redisdown, url: process.env.REDIS_URL })
// if you use Redis Cloud on Heroku
//var db = levelup('mydb', { db: redisdown, url: process.env.REDISCLOUD_URL })

// 2) put a key & value
db.put('name', 'LevelUP', function (err) {
  if (err) return console.log('Ooops!', err) // some kind of I/O error

  // 3) fetch by key
  db.get('name', function (err, value) {
    if (err) return console.log('Ooops!', err) // likely the key was not found

    // ta da!
    console.log('name=' + value)



redisdown() returns a new RedisDOWN instance. location is a String pointing at the root namespace of the data in redis.
  • location+':h' is the hash where the values are stored.
  • location+':z' is the set where the keys are sorted.

redisdown#open(options, callback)

open() is an instance method on an existing database object.
options is a hash that is passed to the redis library to create a redis client:
  • highWaterMark number of values to fetch in one redis call for iteration. Defaults to 256.
  • port redis port. Defaults to ''
  • host redis host. Defaults to 6379
  • redis already configured redis client. redisDown will not open or close it. host and port and all other redis options are ignored.
  • Other options:

redisdown.destroy(location, options, callback)

destroy() is used to completely delete all data in redis related to the location.

Pouchdb integrations tests: all 3605 of them

npm run-script test-pouchdb-redis
The script will install the extra required dependencies. It works for me.
redisdown is freely distributable under the term of the MIT License. Copyright: Sutoiku Inc 2014.
If you need something different, let me know.
HELP Wanted
  • Collation: do we need to worry about this?