High-order abstraction for reducible data structures

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Library defines higher-order abstraction for reducible data structures - collections based upon reduce.
Most functional languages (including beloved JS) typically come with some collection transformation functions like filter and map that take a logical collections and return transformed version of it. Unfortunately they tend to complect, by implying mechanism, order, laziness and representation. This library is an attempt to provide simple solution for some of the hard problems by decomplecting and building upon simple premise - minimum definition of collection is something that is reducible.
More specifically library defines super-generalized and minimal abstraction for collections - a collection is some set of things that, when given a function to apply to its contents, can do so and give you the result, i.e. a collection is (at minimum) reducible. In other words, you can call reduce on it.


This library provides an abstraction for reducible data structures and implementation of internal reduce for built-in data types. It can be used to implement to define abstraction for all other types. This is also foundation for reducers - Library for higher-order manipulation of reducible collections.


npm install reducible

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