Handles redux-form submissions using redux-saga

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Handles redux-form submissions using redux-saga


``` npm install -S redux-form-submit-saga ```


Integrate with Sagas

You can integrate this package with your other sagas as follows: ```js import {createSagaMiddleware} from 'redux-saga'; import {addFormSubmitSagaTo} from 'redux-form-submit-saga'; import {allMySagas} from '...'; const sagaMiddleware = createSagaMiddleware(); // ... create store with middleware ... const rootSaga = addFormSubmitSagaTo(allMySagas);; ``` If you need to access the saga directly, it can be imported as formSubmitSaga.

Integrate with Forms

For each form where you want to submit with something async (often), you can setup the submit function like this: ```js import {reduxForm, Field} from 'redux-form'; import {onSubmitActions} from 'redux-form-submit-saga'; const MyForm = ({handleSubmit}) => (
<Field component="input" type="text"/>
<button type="submit">Submit</button> 
); export default reduxForm({ form: 'myForm', onSubmit: onSubmitActions('MYFORM') })(MyForm); ``` This is assuming you are using handleSubmit within your form and not invoking it with an inline handler function. There are multiple ways to configure onSubmitActions, the simplest being the one above. ``` onSubmitActions(root: string, transform?: Function) ``` You pass in a string, and the action types are derived from that with the suffixes: _SUBMIT, _SUCCESS, and _FAILURE. You can optionally provide a transform function which will be used to transform the form values before being added to the submit action. ``` onSubmitActions(submit: string | Function, success: string, failure: string) ``` Here you can pass each action type separately. The submit action (first parameter) can be an action creator function if desired.

Handle Submissions using Sagas

Once set up you should be able to do the following: ```js import as api from '...'; import {call, put} from 'redux-saga/effects'; import {takeLatest} from 'redux-saga'; function myFormSaga (action) { try {
const response = yield call(api.submitMyForm, action.payload);
yield put({type: 'MY_FORM_SUCCESS', payload: response.body});
} catch (err) {
yield put({type: 'MY_FORM_FAILURE', payload: {_error: err.message}});
} } export function watchMyForm () { yield takeLatest('MY
FORMSUBMIT', myFormSaga); } ```

Immutable.js support

If you are using Immutable.js with redux-form, you can import the above functions from redux-form-submit-saga/immutable. If you want to use ES modules for tree-shaking or other purposes, you'll need to use redux-form-submit-saga/es/immutable directly.