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reg-suit plugin to send notification the testing result to your GitLab repository.
Installing this plugin, reg-suit comments to your Merge Request.


npm i reg-notify-gitlab-plugin -D
reg-suit prepare -p notify-gitlab


  projectId: string;
  privateToken: string;
  gitlabUrl?: string;
  commentTo?: "note" | "description" | "discussion";
  shortDescription?: boolean;

  • projectId - Required - Your GitLab project id. You can get this id via<your-name>/<your-project-name/edit> page.
  • privateToken - Required - Your GitLab API token. If you want more detail, see Personal access tokens doc.
  • gitlabUrl - Optional - Set if you host your GitLab instance. Default:
  • commentTo - Optional - How this plugin comments to MR. If "note", it posts or puts the comment as a MR's note. if "description", your MR's description gets updated. If "discussion", it posts or puts the comment as a MR's resolvable note. Default: "note".
  • shortDescription - Optional Returns a small table with the item counts.
| 🔴 Changed | ⚪️ New | 🔵 Passing | | ---------- | ------- | ---------- | | 3 | 4 | 120 |

Auto complete on GitLab CI

If you run reg-suit on GitLab CI, this plugin detect gitlabUrl and projectId values from pre-declared GitLab CI environment values. So you can skip projectId