A remark plugin which adds underline support by repurposing the "__" token.

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A remark plugin that adds support for underlining. By default this is done by repurposing __ from the bold formatter. Bold also supports ** so repurposing __ is a popular choice for underlining text.


npm install remark-underline

For best results you should use remark-html or similar.


Import the plugin and then pass it into remark or your unified processor chain.
import remark from 'remark';
import html from 'remark-html';
import underline from 'remark-underline';

remark.use(html).use(underline).process("__hello world__");

With the plugin the output will be
  <ins class="underline">hello world</ins>

Without the plugin the output will be
  <strong>hello world</strong>


You may supply an optional options object to configure the plugin. These are the options currently supported.
  • marker - The token used to identify unerlined text. By default this is ''.
  • nodeType - The name of the node to create. By default this is 'underline'.
  • tagType - The name of the HTML tag to wrap the text in. The default is 'ins' however this may not always be appropriate.
  • classNames - An array of class names to use for the HTML tag. By default this is just 'underline'. Passing an empty array will disable this.

const underlineOptions = {
    marker: '!!',
    classNames: ['thing1', 'thing2']

remark().use(html).use(underline, underlineOptions).process("!!I Am Underline!!");


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