Client- and server-side image comparison library

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Rembrandt.JS - Client- and server-side image comparison library


Rembrandt.JS is a image comparison library that works both with the HTML5 Canvas2D API as well as the drop-in Node.JS replacement node-canvas.
We created Rembrandt.JS to have an easy-to-use image comparison library for our internal tests for PhotoEditorSDK. Go check it out. It's really awesome. :)



Please follow the installation instructions over at node-canvas in order to correctly install all required system libraries. Afterwards, just run:
npm install rembrandt


Download the latest build from our Releases page, then include it like this:
<script src="/path/to/rembrandt.min.js"></script>

The Rembrandt JavaScript variable is now globally available.

Using module bundlers like Webpack etc.

Install Rembrandt via npm install rembrandt, then require it inside your JavaScript like so:
var Rembrandt = require('rembrandt/build/browser')


Here is an example (ES6 / ES2015):
import Rembrandt from 'rembrandt'

const rembrandt = new Rembrandt({
  // `imageA` and `imageB` can be either Strings (file path on node.js,
  // public url on Browsers) or Buffers
  imageA: '/path/to/imageA',
  imageB: fs.readFileSync('/path/to/imageB'),

  // Needs to be one of Rembrandt.THRESHOLD_PERCENT or Rembrandt.THRESHOLD_PIXELS
  thresholdType: Rembrandt.THRESHOLD_PERCENT,

  // The maximum threshold (0...1 for THRESHOLD_PERCENT, pixel count for THRESHOLD_PIXELS
  maxThreshold: 0.01,

  // Maximum color delta (0...255):
  maxDelta: 20,

  // Maximum surrounding pixel offset
  maxOffset: 0,

  renderComposition: true, // Should Rembrandt render a composition image?
  compositionMaskColor: Rembrandt.Color.RED // Color of unmatched pixels

// Run the comparison
  .then(function (result) {
    console.log('Passed:', result.passed)
    console.log('Pixel Difference:', result.differences, 'Percentage Difference', result.percentageDifference, '%')
    console.log('Composition image buffer:', result.compositionImage)

    // Note that `compositionImage` is an Image when Rembrandt.js is run in the browser environment
  .catch((e) => {



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