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What is it?

remove-markdown is a node.js module that will remove (strip) Markdown formatting from text. Markdown formatting means pretty much anything that doesn’t look like regular text, like square brackets, asterisks etc.

When do I need it?

The typical use case is to display an excerpt from some Markdown text, without any of the actual Markdown syntax - for example in a list of posts.


npm install remove-markdown


const removeMd = require('remove-markdown');
const markdown = '# This is a heading\n\nThis is a paragraph with [a link]( in it.';
const plainText = removeMd(markdown); // plainText is now 'This is a heading\n\nThis is a paragraph with a link in it.'

You can also supply an options object to the function. Currently, the following options are supported:
const plainText = removeMd(markdown, {
  stripListLeaders: true , // strip list leaders (default: true)
  listUnicodeChar: '',     // char to insert instead of stripped list leaders (default: '')
  gfm: true                // support GitHub-Flavored Markdown (default: true)
  useImgAltText: true      // replace images with alt-text, if present (default: true)

Setting stripListLeaders to false will retain any list characters (*, -, +, (digit).).


PRs are very much welcome. Here are some ideas for future enhancements:
  • Allow the RegEx expressions to be customized per rule
  • Make the rules more robust, support more edge cases
  • Add more (comprehensive) tests


The code is based on Markdown Service Tools - Strip Markdown by Brett Terpstra.


Stian Grytøyr