Like `string.replace`, but with asynchronous, concurrent replacement.

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Like string.replace, but with asynchronous, concurrent replacement.


npm install replace-async


const replace = require('replace-async')

replace('{{foo}} {{bar}}', regex, (done, match, ...etc) {
  somethingAsync(match, (err, newValue) => {
    done(err, newValue)
}, (errors, result) => {



replace(string, pattern, replacement, [options], cb

  • string
  • pattern: string or RegExp
  • replacement: string or function
  • options: object
- ignoreErrors: boolean, false By default, if any replacement functions fail, no result will be produced and replacement cleanup functions will be called. When true, produces a result even if there are errors and does not call cleanup functions.
  • cb: (errors, result) => {}
- errors: undefined or [] errors are placed at the index of their matching replacement (an error on the first replacement will be errors[0]) - result: string or undefined result of replacement or undefined if there were any errors

replacement function

The arguments are just like string.replace, but begins with a node-style callback. If the asynchronous operation fails, pass done(err), otherwise pass the replacement value done(undefined, newValue).
You can return a function from the replacement function and it will be called for each replacement that has not called its callback yet if any replacements fail. This gives you opportunity to cancel/cleanup unfinished operations.
(done, match) => {
  const op = asyncOperation((err, result) => {
    done(err, result)
  return () => op.cancel(done)