A webpack plugin to replace hash in file(s) after building

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Webpack plugin: replace-hash-in-file-webpack-plugin

This is a webpack plugin that can replace content in file(s) after compilation is done. This is useful when you want to replace content in any kind of files(html, css, js etc) which are not processed by loaders.
Use \[hash to insert the compilation hash into the search and replace when it is a string or a method returning a string i.e. not a regex.
This is heavily based off replace-in-file-webpack-plugin
Install the plugin with npm:
$ npm install replace-hash-in-file-webpack-plugin --save-dev
Basic Usage
Add the plugin to your webpack and config as follows:
const ReplaceHashInFileWebpackPlugin = require('replace-hash-in-file-webpack-plugin');
const webpackConfig = {
    entry: 'index.js',
    output: {
        path: __dirname + '/dist',
        filename: 'index_bundle.js'
    plugins: [
        new ReplaceHashInFileWebpackPlugin([{
            dir: 'dist',
            files: ['index.html', 'main.html'],
            rules: [{
                search: /js\/bundle\.*[a-zA-Z0-9]*\.js/,
                replace: 'js/bundle.[hash].js'
                search: /@title/,
                replace: 'page title!'
        }, {
            dir: 'dist/style',
            test: /\.html$/,
            rules: [{
                search: /version/ig,
                replace: '1.0.0'
                search: '@title',
                replace: function(match){

            dir: 'dist/style',
            test: [/\.css$/, /\.txt/],
            rules: [{
                search: /version/ig,
                replace: '1.0.0'
                search: '@title',
                replace: 'webpack'
You can pass an array of configuration options to ReplaceHashInFileWebpackPlugin. Each configuration has following items:
  • dir: Optional. Base dir to find the files, if not provided, use the root of webpack context.
  • files: Optional. Files in dir to find for replacement.
  • test: Optional. Regex expression or Regex expressions array to match files in dir.
  • rules: Required. Replace content rules array. Each rule has search and replace properties.
  • search: Required. String or Regex expression used for searching content in files - use \[hash to replace hash in string.
  • replace: Required. String or funcion used for replacing the searching content - use \[hash to replace hash in string.
This project is licensed under MIT.