JavaScript replaceLast function - Replaces last match for pattern in string with replacement

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JavaScript replaceLast function - Replaces last match for pattern in string with replacement


npm install --save replace-last
replace-last supports string and RegExp replacement. It works in Node code and browsers.
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```javascript 1.5 var replaceLast = require('replace-last'); replaceLast(str, pattern, replacement);
## Browser

<script src="node_modules/replace-last/replaceLast.js"></script>
  replaceLast(str, pattern, replacement);


str='' (string): The string to modify.
pattern (RegExp|string): The pattern to replace.
replacement (string): The match replacement.


(string): Returns the modified string.


```javascript 1.5 replaceLast('hello hello hello', 'hello', 'bye'); // => 'hello hello bye';
replaceLast('hello hello hello', /he(ll)o/, 'rr'); // => 'hello hello herro';
replaceLast('hello hello hello', RegExp('.ell.'), 'bye'); // => 'hello hello bye'
replaceLast(777, 7, 8); // => '778' ```

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