Event Interceptor designed for taking common action in response to object events

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The node-reporter package is designed to assist you with responding to events that occur within your application, and providing some uniform process handling.
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Consider that you have a particular object that generates events, and those events might generate particular command-line output (as one example). While it is simple enough to wire up handlers to generate the appropriate output for a handler for the one object, if you have multiple objects that generate similar events then this becomes a tedious task. This is where reporter comes in.

Example Usage

The following shows a simple example of using the reporter. In this example, we create a simple EventEmitter that will emit events, and we use this to emit a click event.
Prior to this, though we setup a reporter and have it watch the target object and add a rule to handle the click case.
var events = require('events'),
    reporter = require('reporter'),
    target = new events.EventEmitter();

// make the reporter watch the target;

// add some rules to the reporter to handle click events
    click: function() {
        console.log('A click happened');

// tell the target to emit a click event


npm install reporter