Extremely minimal wrapper around node core http/https to conveniently get request and response streams

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Extremely minimal wrapper around node core http/https to get request and response streams.


This module is under 100 lines of code, total file + folder size including node_modules is 150kb, compared to 4.7mb for the popular request module. The benefit and drawback of this module is that it doesn't have that many features. Use it if you want something low level and lightweight.


var request = require('request-stream')

You can now use request to make new requests

var req = request(url, [opts], callback)

req is a writable stream. Data written to it will be written to the request upload body. For requests wtih an upload body you must call req.end() for the request to finish, even if you write no data to it. If you don't call req.end() you will never receive a response.
url is the HTTP url for this request
opts are request options:
  • method - default GET - sets HTTP method
  • host - defaults to the hostname from url
  • path - defaults to the path from url
  • port - defaults to the port from url
  • maxRedirects - defaults to 10
  • followRedirects - defaults to true

callback is called with (err, res). If there was no err, res will be a readable stream of the response data.
In the event that maxRedirects was exceeded you will receive both an err and the res of the last redirect.
Both req and res are the unmodified http.ClientRequest and http.IncomingMessage

convenience methods

These set the method option for you

request.get(url, opts, cb), opts, cb)

request.put(url, opts, cb)

request.delete(url, opts, cb)

request.head(url, opts, cb)