Webpack plugin for retrying async chunk loading

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Webpack plugin for retrying async chunk loading.
Retries internal __webpack__require__.e /* nsure */ function call on promise rejections.
Compatible with Webpack 4 and 5.


const RetryEnsureWebpackPlugin = require('retry-ensure-webpack-plugin').RetryEnsureWebpackPlugin;
/* ... */
plugins.push(new RetryEnsureWebpackPlugin(options));


An optional parameter, object with properties.

max (number)

The max amount of retries. After that, Promise rejection is not handled by this plugin.
Note: This option is "max retries", not "max requests". In the worst case there would be 1 + max requests total.
If max equals 0, this plugin is turned off entirely.
Infinity is a valid value, if you want to retry until the end of time.
Default: 3.

delay (number | string)

  • number: Amount of milliseconds between retries, constant value.

  • string: Expression that returns a numeric value. A variable retriedTimes can be used for exponential (or whatever you like) backoff. retriedTimes equals 0 at the first retry attempt.

Note that this expression is not validated in any way. It's just plugged into your generated code.
Default: 'retriedTimes * retriedTimes * 1000'