Finds a string that hashes to a given md5 hash

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```js var ReverseMd5 = require('reverse-md5') ```
var rev = ReverseMd5(opts)
ReverseMd5 is a constructor that returns a function.
  • opts is an object, and it has these properties:
- `lettersUpper` - Enables reverseMd5 to look for uppercase letters, A-Z. Defaults to `true`.
- `lettersLower` - Enables reverseMd5 to look for lowercase letters, a-z. Defaults to `true`.
- `numbers` - Enables reverseMd5 to look for numbers, 0-9. Defaults to `true`.
- `special` - Enables reverseMd5 to look for special characters, I.E. punctuation, symbols, brackets. Defaults to `false`.
- `whitespace` - Enables reverseMd5 to look for whitespace, I.E. spaces, tabs, newlines. Defaults to `true`.
- `maxLen` - The maximum length of string that the module searches for. Defaults to `8`.
  • Returns rev().
var obj = rev(hash, [opts])
  • hash is an md5 hash string.
  • opts is the same as the constructor's opts.
  • Returns an object with the following properties:
- `str` - The string that was hashed. E.g. 'hi', 'wat'
- `elapsed` - The amount of time that elapsed, in seconds. (Floating point.) E.g. 0.309135532, 2.912352039
```js var rev = ReverseMd5({
lettersUpper: false,
lettersLower: true,
numbers: true,
special: false,
whitespace: true,
maxLen: 12
}) rev('49f68a5c8493ec2c0bf489821c21fc3b') //returns something like: {str:'hi', elapsed: 0.309135532} ```
Install with NPM
npm install reverse-md5