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Ripple | Components
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Browser Results Redraws any custom elements on the page when any of it's dependencies change (either the component definition, data, or styles). Given the following markup on your page: ```html ``` With a component-name (function) and something (data) registered in Ripple, it will invoke component-name.call(<el>, something) whenever a change is detected in either of those resources. Internally, this is basically implemented as follows but in a more generic form: ```js ripple('something').on('change', function(){ all('data=something')
}) ``` All instances of Custom Elements will be upgraded automatically. You can also manually invoke renders: ```js ripple.draw( | resource object | resource name) ``` If the first parameter is a DOM element, it will rerender that. If it is a resource (name or object), it will rerender anything on your page that depends on that resource. See the Primer#Components for more info