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Produces a simple, valid robots.txt to be parsed by web crawlers. Adheres to the specification provided by Google, however currently only supports one User-Agent rule. Requires Node 4+. Installed through NPM with:
npm install robots-generator --save-dev

Simply require the module and execute it with an optional array of configuration.
  • User-Agent: A means of identifying a specific crawler or set of crawlers.
  • Allow: An array of directories that a crawler is allowed to access.
  • Disallow: An array of directories that a crawler is not allowed to access.
  • Sitemap: Your website's sitemap URL.

var robots = require('robots-generator');

    useragent: '*',
    allow: ['folder1/', 'folder2/'],
    disallow: ['cgi-bin/'],
    sitemap: ''
}, function (error, robots) {
    // Join ('\n') and write this to a file
    console.log(error, robots);

If you need an ES5 build for legacy purposes, just require the ES5 file:
var robots = require('robots-generator/es5');

Outputs the following file:
User-agent: *
Allow: /folder1/
Allow: /folder2/
Disallow: cgi-bin/

To build the ES5 version:
npm install -g babel-cli
babel --presets es2015 index.js --out-file es5.js