Helpers for rocambole AST token manipulation

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Helpers to manipulate rocambole AST tokens.


Created mainly to be used by esindent and esformatter.

Important Notes

Right now all methods ignores the loc and range info of the tokens, this is by design since updating the range and loc info on a large JS program multiple times can be very expensive. It's better to write a separate tool to sanitize this info and that can be executed as a separate step.
Also important to note that right now rocambole doesn't add any reference on the token itself to the nodes that contain that token, so if you remove a token that happens to be the startToken or endToken of any node you might have some conflict if you start manipulating the tokens based on the nodes, instead of the token LinkedList. - the node.startToken might be detached from the LinkedList.
Test coverage is pretty low so far, but since it was mostly extracted from esformatter the methods should work as expected. I started to write some tests just to show how I would do it but did not had the time to finish it... (ideally tests should be written before the implementation).


Released under the MIT License.