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Rokot Api Controller Client Generator
This tool is used to find all controller entry points which are decorated using rokot-apicontroller within a given source, and then generate representations of those endpoints in various formats.
The tool will process the entry points into a language agnostic representation and then forward them to configured interpreters.
Currently the tool has an interpreter that will output content in the following formats
  1. OpenApi
  2. Typescript

How To Use

There is a single entry point, generate, which takes a @rocketmakers/logger instance and a configuration object.
You can also run the index.js using node, which will start a CLI for the tool.


| Argument | Description | |-|-| | entryPoint | The path to the ts entry point for the controller definitions | | exclusionPaths | The collection of strings that if contained in a discovered source from the provided entry point will be ignored. | | tsConfigPath | The path to the ts config to describe how the entry point should be processed | | overridesPath | The path to a file that contains overrides on how to describe discovered types | | interpreters | This is a collection of tuples, that contains the format to output, and where to output the generated file. | | metadata | Metadata about the service that will be included in certain outputs |

How to extend

There are two main parts for the generator

Node Procesor

This takes the discovered endpoints and processes the types into a language agnostic representation. This will need expanding when TypeScript introduces new features that we'll want to support and know how to process.


Interpreters are how we take the language agnositic representation and convert it into a language specific representation. This is where you'll come if we want to output in new languages.
Once a new interpreter is built, it will need to be registered with the generate function.

Design Decisions

You can find explainations for certain design decisions in its dedicated document.


A new version of the client will be published to npm once merged into master. Therefore, you'll need to remember to update the version in package.json