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A little bag of CSS superpowers, built on PostCSSpostcss.
Rucksack makes CSS development less painful, with the features and shortcuts it should have come with out of the box.
Read the full docs at


- Gulp
- Grunt - Broccoli - CLI - PostCSS - Stylus - Responsive typography - Shorthand positioning syntax - Native clearfix - Automatic font src generation - Extra input pseudo-elements - Hex shortcuts for RGBA - More easing functions - Quantity pseudo-selectors - CSS property aliases - Autoprefixer - Legacy Fallbacks


Rucksack is available on NPM under rucksack-css, install it with Yarn or NPM
$ yarn add rucksack-css --dev

$ npm i rucksack-css --save-dev


Rucksack can be used as a PostCSS plugin, direclty on the command line, and has helpers available for most build tools.


Use gulp-rucksackgulp-rucksack
const gulp = require('gulp');
const rucksack = require('gulp-rucksack');

gulp.task('rucksack', () => {
  return gulp.src('src/style.css')


Use grunt-rucksackgrunt-rucksack

	rucksack: {
		compile: {
			files: {
				'style.css': 'src/style.css'

grunt.registerTask('default', ['rucksack']);


Use broccoli-rucksackbroccoli-rucksack
const rucksack = require('broccoli-rucksack');

tree = rucksack(tree, [options]);


Process CSS directly on the command line
$ rucksack src/style.css style.css [options]


Rucksack is built on PostCSS, and can be used as a PostCSS plugin
const postcss = require('postcss');
const rucksack = require('rucksack-css');

postcss([ rucksack() ])
  .process(css, { from: 'src/style.css', to: 'style.css' })
  .then(result => {
      fs.writeFileSync('style.css', result.css);
      if ( ) fs.writeFileSync('',;

See the PostCSS Docspostcss for examples for your environment.


Rucksack can be used as a Stylus plugin with PostStyluspoststylus

See the PostStylus Docspoststylus for more examples for your environment.


Responsive typography

Automagical fluid typography with new responsive arguments to font-size, line-height, and letter-spacing properties
.foo {
  font-size: responsive;

!Responsive Type Demotype-demo

Shorthand positioning syntax

Use the shorthand syntax from margin and padding on position properties
.foo {
  position: absolute 0 20px;

Native clearfix

Generate bulletproof clearfixes with a new argument on the clear property
.foo {
  clear: fix;

Automatic font src generation

Automatically generate src sets for @font-face based on the path to your font files
@font-face {
  font-family: 'My Font';
  font-path: '/path/to/font/file';

Extra input pseudo-elements

Standardize the unweidly <input type="range"> element across browsers with new ::track and ::thumb pseudo elements
input[type="range"]::track {
  height: 2px;

Hex shortcuts for RGBA

Generate RGBA colors from a hex color + alpha value
.foo {
  color: rgba(#fff, 0.8);

More easing functions

Use a whole library of modern easing functions in transitions and animations
.foo {
  transition: all 250ms ease-out-cubic;

Quantity pseudo-selectors

Create truly responsive designs with powerful content quantity selectors
li:at-least(4) {
  color: blue;

li:between(4,6) {
  color: red;

CSS property aliases

@alias {
  fs: font-size;
  bg: background;

.foo {
  fs: 16px;
  bg: #fff;



Automatically apply vendor prefixes to relevant properties based on data from CanIUsecaniuse, via autoprefixerautoprefixer.

Legacy Fallbacks

Automatically generate CSS fallbacks for legacy browsers, via laggardlaggard.


All features in Rucksack can be toggled by passing options on initialization. By default core features are set to true, and optional addons are set to false
Option | Type | Default | Description
------------------- | ------- | ------- | ----------- responsiveType | Boolean | true | Whether to enable responsive typography
shorthandPosition | Boolean | true | Whether to enable shorthand position properties
quantityQueries | Boolean | true | Whether to enable quantity query psuedo selectors
alias | Boolean | true | Whether to enable to enable property aliases
inputPseudo | Boolean | true | Whether to enable whether to enable extra input pseudo elements
clearFix | Boolean | true | Whether to enable native clear fix
fontPath | Boolean | true | Whether to enable font src set generation
hexRGBA | Boolean | true | Whether to enable hex RGBA shortcuts
easings | Boolean | true | Whether to enable extra easing functions
fallbacks | Boolean | false | Whether to enable CSS fallbacks addon
autoprefixer | Boolean | false | Whether to enable autoprefixer addon
reporter | Boolean | false | Whether to enable error reporting from plugins used inside Rucksack

MIT © Sean King