An operator equal to the takeWhile operator but also emits the last value.

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Note: This package is no longer needed as of rxjs@6.4.0 as the operator now takes an extra parameter which when true will also emit the last value. See rxjs#4115.
A takeWhile variant which also emits the value not satisfying the predicate before completing.
Example usage
import { takeWhileInclusive } from 'rxjs-take-while-inclusive';
import { interval } from 'rxjs/observable/interval';

    takeWhileInclusive(v => v < 5),
// Prints: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Emits values emitted by the source Observable so long as each value satisfies the given predicate, and then completes after the last emitted value satisfies the predicate. takeWhileInclusive subscribes and begins mirroring the source Observable. Each value emitted on the source is emitted then given to the predicate function which returns a boolean, representing a condition to be satisfied by the source values. The output Observable emits the source values until such time as the predicate returns false, at which point takeWhileInclusive stops mirroring the source Observable and completes the output Observable.


This module supports CommonJS, esm5 and esm2015. To use in node see the following import.
const {takeWhileInclusive} = require('rxjs-take-while-inclusive');